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万博娱乐平台登录-万博manbetx在线-万博manbetx官网客户端下载 is a listed company of Qingdao Lanhai Equity Exchange Center (share code 800867). It was established in February 2009 and is located at No. 15 Guangxing Road, Economic Development Zone, Guangrao County. It is the 1+N development layout established by Dongying City. One of the 15 key fine chemical companies. The company covers an area of 32,167 square meters. It is 2 kilometers away from the provincial road Xinhe Road in the east, about 10 kilometers away from Dongqing Expressway in the east, and about 30 kilometers away from Jiqing Expressway in the south. The geographical position is superior and transportation is convenient.

The company's leading products are: acrylamide crystal, 50% and below various specifications of acrylamide aqueous solution, ultra-polymer anionic polyacrylamide, oilfield-specific polymer flooding agent and special water blocking profile control agent, industrial full range Low molecular weight polyacrylamide and the like. The single-size products have a capacity of more than 30,000 tons and have complete internal quality control procedures to ensure the stability of the company's terminal products.

The company passed the national high-tech enterprise certification in 2014 and is one of the 25 national high-tech enterprises in Guangrao County. The company has established an independent product research and development center, and has established a solid scientific research cooperation relationship with many universities. It is equipped with a professional R&D team and has independent research and development capabilities for terminal products and new products. Among them, high-viscosity and salt-resistant polymer products are developed in China. There are obvious technical advantages in the same industry.

Companies adhering to the "people-oriented, culture for the soul, casting brand, customer first" business philosophy, adhere to the "create value for customers" business purposes, with excellent corporate culture and advanced business philosophy to build customers, employees and business partners in cooperation A win-win platform.

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Address: No. 15, Guangxing Road, Economic Development Zone, Guangrao County, Dongying City, Shandong Province

Office Department Tel: 0546-6459999

Domestic sales department: 0546-6095066

International Trade Department: 0546-6095055

Fax: 0546-6440444

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